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The Best Salespeople I Know Are Women

EventPhotoFull_6a00d8341c639653ef00e54fc6c3198833-800wiMen tell me this all the time, but many sales women still don’t know their value.

“Men don’t listen.” Ever heard that one, guys? Women often complain that men don’t listen at work, and they certainly don’t listen at home. I’ve only recently begun to understand why. The reasons are founded in brain research. Boy, I wish I’d known this years ago.

To find out what I learned about women in sales, and how to improve communication between the genders, watch my interview on Salesforce LIVE—“You Don’t Need to Have It All: You Just Need to Have ‘It.’”

On the flip side, maybe sales women should spend more time listening to men, because they seem to understand our value better than we do.

Why Women (Could) Rule in Sales

“The best salespeople I know are women.” That’s what men tell me. Why? Because sales women:

  • Have intuition and actually trust it. (We’re not afraid to ditch the facts and go with our gut.)
  • See the complexities in a deal. (We don’t accept the first problem we hear, but question and explore all possibilities until we identify the real need and the right solution.)
  • Build strong relationships. (At the end of the day, the ability to build strong relationships is the reason we win. All things being equal—and they never are—clients will always work with people they know and trust.)

Women are just plain naturals at selling, but we don’t always tap into our innate strengths. Why not? Why aren’t we as confident in our abilities as men are?

What Every Sales Women Should Know

For “You Don’t Need to Have It All: You Just Need to Have ‘It,’” Salesforce asked me to chat with Jamie Domenici, vice president of marketing. In this 37-minute webcast, we share common experiences, contrarian points of view, and tips to give every woman the confidence to excel at sales and speak her mind.

I promise you’ll laugh. You’ll also be nodding your head in agreement. (Gentlemen, of course you’re invited, too.) Highlights of our conversation include:

  • How men and women are wired differently, and how to adjust our communication
  • Why women are naturals at selling and how that’s a competitive advantage
  • The significant barriers for women in sales and how to overcome them

After you watch, take one insight you heard and act on it now. Then let me know how it goes. I’d also love to hear your point of view about women in sales. Email me joanne@nomorecoldcalling.com or invite me to connect on LinkedIn. Let’s keep the conversation going!

Invite Joanne to Speak to Your Women in Sales

Successful sales organizations in the 21st century will facilitate teams that leverage the strengths of both men and women. Yet, diversity reports from major companies show there’s still a huge disparity between men and women in the workplace, particularly in sales. What will it take to finally close the gap? Women must tap into their innate strengths and shine.

This dynamic, interactive presentation—“Big Deals and High Heels: Why Women Are Naturals at Selling”—will help women at all levels understand the value of seeking out advice from mentors, stepping out of their comfort zones, and getting their voices heard.

We’ll discuss what it takes to be a powerful woman in sales, including:

  • The advantages women have over men in sales
  • What male sales leaders have that most women don’t
  • How intuition, questioning, and stories drive sales
  • Why we need to challenge traditional thinking and innovate

Learn more about this remarkable program.

5 Responses to The Best Salespeople I Know Are Women

  1. Andrew says:

    Gathering from the pitch I’ve just read, this talk seems all about how women are better than men in sales.

    I would have to stop you there, I know countless of salesmen that trump womennin sales.

    Perhaps this course caters for women.

    Fair enough but somewhat generalizing aren’t you?
    Ive found that the best salespeople are split fairly evenly, its not about gender
    its about approach…

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