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The #1 Referral Selling Program for Account Based Sellers

You’re a sales leader accountable for increasing revenue, while at the same time managing your profit margins. If you’re fairly new to your company, your sales reps are a mixed bag of talent. You need them to see and grow their accounts, not just hit the phones. If you’ve beaten the odds and have held your role for more than 18 months, you’ve gotten your team lined up, your strategy in place, and your goals set. However, two critical sales challenges remain:

  • Generating a consistent stream of qualified leads
  • Getting your reps calling high enough to reach decision-makers

You need a disciplined and dependable approach to build both bottom-line and top-line results. You need an approach that allows your team to land and expand methodically and consistently. A referral program addresses these challenges and more for account based everything.

It’s Time for Referrals Reinvented in Account Based Selling

Referral selling is simple, but it’s not easy. That’s why a referral program is your biggest competitive differentiator and your team’s ticket into the C-Suite. It’s the way for your account based sellers to expand relationships and outsmart the competition. You have a bias for action; otherwise you wouldn’t be a sales leader. So let’s get started.

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