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No More Cold Calling OnDemand™


It’s Time for Referrals Reinvented.

You’re busy. Sometimes it feels as if you’re on a giant hamster wheel. No matter how much time you spend prospecting, you don’t get any further ahead.

If you’re working too hard and still not getting the sales leads that you need, it’s time to get off the spinning wheel and take action.

Get every meeting with one call with referral selling. You receive an introduction from someone your prospect knows and trusts. You close business faster; your cost of sales plummets; and your conversion rate skyrockets. Imagine the power of hitting your numbers without hitting the phones, with less sweat and results you can bank on

Is the OnDemand Program Right for You?

I’ve created No More Cold Calling OnDemand for busy people who have the self-discipline to work on their own time, and who are ready to adopt referral selling as their primary prospecting outreach.

Whether you’ve been selling for years and need to sharpen your skills, or you’re new to sales and want to quickly boost your bottom line, this deep dive into referral selling shows you exactly how to replace unproductive prospecting tactics with real-time referral results.

Throughout this program, you will:

➤ Get meetings with top prospects at the level that counts
➤ Spend 30 percent less time prospecting
➤ Fill your pipeline with only qualified leads
➤ Convert your best prospects to clients more than 70 percent of the time
➤ Identify at least 10 sources of referrals you can tap into immediately
➤ Get appointments with at least eight prospects on your target list
➤ Learn five easy steps to make referral selling a priority
➤ Master the specific language to obtain the perfect referral introduction
➤ Create a template for an ROI conversation that delivers a 10x return
➤ Discover how to steer clear of eight referral traps
➤ Avoid the 12 phrases that can derail your referral strategy


How Does OnDemand Work?

➤ Eight 30-minute webinar modules—Listen, follow along, and learn new skills and approaches to prospecting.
➤ Worksheets for each module—Apply what you’ve learned to your unique business.
➤ Companion Guides for each module—See pictures of each slide, key messages, and space to take notes as you go along.
➤ Emails—Receive regular communication that guides you through the webinar modules and suggests timelines to keep you focused and on track for success.

Get OnDemand Now for $397


“Joanne is THE referral expert. So many of us think that getting referrals is hard, hit or miss, but it’s not. After taking her course, I learned that referrals cannot be assumed, they have to be an intentional. In fact, everything else we do in our business is to get more referrals. Her simple but powerful strategies helped to change my own mindset about referrals as a way to grow and scale, and the results say it all. In one week, I received four referral introductions. Her system works!”

— Carole Mahoney


Only begin if you commit to listen to each module and complete the assignments. If you show up and do the work, it will work. You will reinvent referrals. But you must be a self-starter and diligently work through the program on your own. You know who you are.

If you’re nodding your head “yes,” then let’s get started.

Get OnDemand Now for $397

However, if you’re shaking your head “no,” you need accountability and thrive on outside persepctives and systematic processes. If that sounds like you, please review the Individual Masters Program.

My client, Nancy, seriously thought she could do everything on her own. After all, she’d been selling for years and was good at it. Even with regular email reminders and tips, she never completed the program. What made the difference was working one-on-one with me through the Individual Masters Program—setting up a system, refining skills, completing assignments, and receiving coaching based on her unique skills. Now, she’s comfortable asking for referrals, and with just one new client, she received a 10x ROI on her referral training. But more than that, she’s transformed the way she prospects. She’s the poster child for referrals reinvented.

Get the Individual Masters Program Now

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Joanne Black

I founded No More Cold Calling in 1996 after more than 35 years selling and managing sales teams. I knew that referrals should be a company’s #1 outbound prospecting strategy. Yet, no company had a systematic, disciplined referral program with skills, metrics, and accountability for results. Today I work with sales teams, business owners, and individuals to implement referral programs—which address their two biggest challenges: Getting meetings at the level that counts and ensuring a consistent stream of qualified leads.

I authored two books—NO MORE COLD CALLING™: The Breakthrough System That Will Leave Your Competition in the Dust and Pick Up the Damn Phone!: How People, Not Technology, Seal the Deal. I belong to the National Speakers Association and have won many awards for my social media presence. I’m a contrarian thinker and believe no one should ever have to cold call.

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