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Great Referral Videos

Referral selling is the number one way to skyrocket your numbers and boost bottom line performance. It’s the strategy you must adopt to trigger an explosive growth in new business. Referral selling addresses your biggest sales challenges:

  • Getting meetings with your decision-makers at the level that counts
  • Generating a consistent stream of qualified leads

These referral videos address your specific prospecting challenges. A warning: You will hear approaches that may be contrary to the way you’ve been taught or the way you’re currently working. Consider what habits you must change  for your team or for you to drive only qualified leads to your pipeline.

  • 5 Ways LinkedIn Can Drive New Revenue Without Selling 

Use these tips and avoid damaging your reputation on LinkedIn

– Why LinkedIn is NOT a numbers game.
– Get results as a social seller: Listen up.
– LinkedIn is not a place to sell. It’s a place to begin a conversation and begin a relationship.

  • Pick Up the Damn Phone!: How People, Not Technology, Seal the Deal

Sales success comes from real conversations with real people. Learn why we should be tweeting less and talking more to the customers and contacts who really matter.

– Technology is a great tool, but nothing beats a personal conversation.
– Don’t assume buyers don’t need us. Do uncover the real scoop.
– Why marketing can’t qualify your leads…and shouldn’t.

  • How NOT to Use LinkedIn 

LinkedIn can help you find prospects, make connections, and maybe (yes, maybe) get a new client. Equally important (and underestimated) is how NOT to use LinkedIn.

– What you won’t learn on my LinkedIn profile (or yours).
– Why a LinkedIn connection is not a relationship.
– Why “personal intelligence” trumps “social intelligence.”

  • Put the “Social” Back in Social Media (Interview for This Week in Sales with Kevin Gaither)

Why social media is one tool and one tool only.

– Best practices for accepting LinkedIn invitations.
– How to show up online like we show up in person.
– How social media activities link to referral selling.

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