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Walter Cronkite–My Memories

I remember the walk on the moon and the Kennedy assassination. I remember sitting in front of the TV at 6 o’clock most evenings to hear his newscast.

He was called the “shoe-leather reporter.” He was out there talking to people and telling the truth. “That’s the way it is.” And that’s the way it should be for all of us in sales–out there, meeting with our prospects and clients face to face, learning and telling the truth, being authentic and helping our clients any way we can. No, I’m not being a pollyanna. Good salespeople listen, ask good questions, and tell the truth. We always have.

As Walter Cronkite said: “Our job is only to hold up the mirror–to tell and show the public what has happened.”

What a gem, a one-of-a-kind human being. That is his legacy. I will always remember.

2 Responses to Walter Cronkite–My Memories

  1. Jonathan says:


    Wonderful memories!

    Glad you are blogging now – it’s fun.

    My Best

    Jonathan (Who is still really on vacation, but finding time to read your newsletter)

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