Want Your Account Based Sellers to Get a Consistent Stream of Qualified Leads?

Many salesmen and saleswomen would give their right arm for a chance to bypass all the middlemen and talk directly to their buyers. But that almost never happens, because CEOs and other senior decision-makers have a powerful weapon at their disposal—their trusty gatekeepers.

These assistants shut cold callers down without a second thought. The only way to get past their watchful eye is to be an expected and welcome call by receiving referral introductions from people your prospects know and trust. Referred salespeople get meetings. Cold Callers get hung up on.

Referrals Are Your Missing Link

It's time to change the game. Your marketing department does an adequate job of lead generation, but many of the "so-called" leads aren't qualified. Your reps waste time cold calling and sending cold emails and requests on social media.

Account based sellers can't depend on marketing for lead generation. They must take responsibility for qualified lead generation and scoring meetings with decision-makers. How? By implementing a strategic referral program, with skills, metrics, accountability for results, and an immediate integration into your sales process. They will get every meeting in one call and build powerful connections your competition can't touch.

The sales world has changed, buyers have changed, and technology has changed. So you must change your prospecting model to blow past the competition and decrease your cost of sales. "Same old, same old" doesn't work if you want to address the sales goals of account based sellers, that all sales leaders need to meet:

Capture new accounts
 Get access to key decision-makers
 Enhance lead generation
 Increase business within existing accounts

While at the same time mitigating these challenges:

 Getting your reps to generate enough qualified leads
 Differentiating your company from the competition
➤ Reducing your sales cycle time
 Increasing your close rates
 Decreasing deals lost from no decision

What You Can Expect from a Referral Program

When companies that implement a disciplined referral program, their salespeople:

Score meetings at the level that counts, while the competition is still figuring out who the decision-makers are.
 Reduce the time it takes to make salesSpend more time with customers and less time prospecting.
 Ace out the competitionGet in before clients know they have a need and set the standards by which others are evaluated.
 Save you moneyNo expensive marketing costsjust your own sales team out there selling for you.
 Convert sales prospects to clients at least 50 percent of the time (usually between 70 and 90 percent of the time.)

Referral selling is simple, but it's not easy. If it were, every sales organization would have a referral program in place to guarantee these results. Yet, fewer than 5 percent of companies have a disciplined, measurable, proactive referral system. It's common sense, but not common practice, and it is your key competitive differentiator.


"If you are looking to build your sales from a network of qualified referrals, rather than a hit-and-miss cold calling program, I suggest you schedule a meeting with Joanne. I have worked with Joanne for three years, and she has helped my team work referrals more effectively to generate results. Her sales program and techniques are effective, and you can begin to see positive results almost immediately."

—Mike Kadel, SVP and business center manager;
   California Bank & Trust

What Gets in the Way of a Great Referral Program?

Referral selling seems so straightforward, so why isn't every organization actively generating referrals? The major reasons are:

People are uncomfortable asking for referrals. They feel it's push, "salesy," and arrogant.
 Referral selling is not a business-development priority.
 Sales organizations haven't established metrics for referrals or performance indicators for success.
 Referral selling is a behavior change. It's a skill that must be learned.
 There hasn't been accountability for results. Without accountability, a referral initiative becomes just another "program du jour."
➤ There are no established roles, responsiblities, and expectations to achieve results.

The business case for referrals is clear.

A Referral Program Tailored for You

Referral selling doesn't "just happen." Achieving referral success means adopting referral selling as a strategic initiative with a disciplined, systematic, measurable process. No More Cold Calling provides the essential prospecting link missing from every organization's sales process: a step-by-step, disciplined referral program with strategy, skills, metrics, and accountability for results. Fast-impact. Easy to quantify.

The No More Cold Calling Referral Selling Program is a three-month, intensive deep-dive into referral selling for account based selling teams that are ready to commit to using referral sales to guarantee qualified leads and achieve a conversion rate of well more than 50 percent. It's a combination of strategy, skills, coaching, and reinforcement.

1. Referral Strategy Development

Garnering referral introductions becomes the primary outreach for your account based selling teams to attract new customers. In this strategy phase, we work with each business leader to:

➤ Review your sales process and integrate referrals into the workflow
 Review sales and marketing plans
 Set sales goals and customer acquisition goals
 Set clear expectations for program participation and expected outcomes
 Ensure systems and procedures are in place to support a referral initiative
➤ Set metrics for referral activities as well as results
➤ Answer the question: How will you evaluate the success of a referral program?

2. Building Skills

A referral program is a series of building blocks. Key components of the skills-building portion are:

➤ Differentiate your company from the competition. Answer the question: Why should I work with you?
 Discuss the role of technology and social media in referral sellling
 Set criteria for the Ideal Client
 Identify multiple sources of referrals
 Learn and practice a proven process to ask for and receive referral introductions

3. Implementation

Referral selling is a behavior change, which requires consistent, proactive, and disciplined coaching. Individual coaching twice a month is the formula for success. These sessions keep people focused and on track. Participants are clear about their goals and the activities that generate measurable results. In this phase, we:

➤ Identify where and when to ask for referral introductions
 Establish weekly referral goals and outreach activities
 Ensure accountability by setting metrics and reinforcing skills
 Gather results based on initial success measures


"Joanne's Referral Accelerator is a must! It's easy for people to fall back into their old ways of working. Having Joanne to reinforce skills and make us accountable is resulting in qualified referrals for our team."

—Hyun Joo Park, ChFC ®CLU®, LUTCF; Met Life

What Is Referral Selling Worth to You?

No other marketing or sales approach comes close to the results you get from referral selling. You can anticipate at least a 20-percent increase in total revenue, shorter sales cycles, bigger deals, and working only with Ideal Clients.

You'll get that consistent stream of qualified leads and entre to the C-Suite, because your account based selling reps receive referral introductions.

Now's your chance to change the game. Commit to referral selling as your primary outbound prospecting strategy. Build referral skills for your account based sellers and implement with precision. Measure referral activities as well as results, and ensure your sales team gets coaching and reinforcement to master referral selling. Your account based will get in at the level that counts with just one call, while your competition is still wasting time calling people they don't know, emailing reasons to talk, or connecting with disinterested strangers on social media.

Referral selling means transforming your sales organization and your prospecting approach. What is a 70-percent conversion rate worth to you?

                    to discuss ways referral selling guarantees
                        a consistent stream of qualified leads.

Why Work with Me?

Clients tell me they tap into my 20-year career in referral selling and work with me before they decide to do something on their own and screw it up. (Theirs words, not mine.)

Joanne Black

I founded No More Cold Calling in 1996 after more than 35 years selling and managing sales teams. I knew that referrals should be a company's #1 outbound prospecting strategy. Yet, no company had a systematic, disciplined referral program with skills, metrics, and accountability for results. Today I work with sales teams, business owners, and individuals to implement referral programs—which address their two greatest challenges: getting meetings at the level that counts and ensuring a consistent stream of qualified leads.

I authored two books—NO MORE COLD CALLING™: The Breakthrough System That Will Leave Your Competition in the Dust and Pick Up the Damn Phone!: How People, Not Technology, Seal the Deal. I belong to the National Speakers Association and have won many awards for my social media presence. I'm a contrarian thinker and believe no one should ever have to cold call.

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                    to discuss ways referral selling guarantees
                        a consistent stream of qualified leads.