Individual Referral Selling Masters Program

I'm a business owner, salesperson, and sales manager. So I'm pretty sure I know how you feel—a bit overwhelmed with all you need to do to attract and retain customers. Whether you're a solopreneur, salesperson, or CEO of a small business, you feel the constant push/pull between getting new clients, working with existing customers, managing social media, and staying in touch with everyone (which can seem like an unending task). I've faced these challenges and more. 

While I can't help you add hours to your day, I do know the secret to more effective and efficient prospecting.

Business owners tell me their biggest challenges are to:

Get every meeting at the level that counts—with actual decision-makers

Generate a consistent stream of qualified sales leads without cold calling

Spend more time growing the business and less time in the weeds

Accelerate sales while aggressively managing costs

The answer: Referral selling is the #1 way to skyrocket your sales and boost both top- and bottom-line performance. When you receive referral introductions to your prospects, you:

Get meetings with decision-makers in one call

Decrease your prospecting time by at least 30 percent

Dramatically reduce your cost of sales

Ace out the competition

Convert prospects into clients at least 50 percent of the time (usually more than 70 percent)

Write more business with only your ideal clients

Perhaps you think referral selling seems like too much work, or you don't consider yourself a salesperson. You've even thought about hiring a salesperson with "a rolodex" (an expensive and speculative solution). Delete that thought. You can't abdicate your responsiblity as the spokesperson for your company. You have long-standing and trusted relationships with clients, peers, and colleagues. It's time to put those connections to work! 

Clients tell me that when they commit to referral selling and build the necessary skill sets, their results are immediate and remarkable. They finally have a clear path and a referral plan with metrics and action steps. 

Now it's your turn.

Your Individual Masters Program

I created the Individual Referral Selling Masters Program with you in mind—business owners and salespeople who want to learn a fast, efficient way to increase sales and leads without cold calling. 

This unique program is a one-on-one solution for busy people who commit to referral selling and want to move forward quickly. We'll work together for three months and take a deep-dive into your business goals and go-to-market approach. We'll discover what's working and what's not. Together we'll set referral goals and build your referral skills. 

In the end, you will:

Get meetings with your top prospects in one call

Fill your pipeline with only highly qualified leads

Convert your best prospects into clients more than 70 percent of the time

Identify at least 10 sources of referrals you can tap into immediately

Get appointments with at least eight prospects on your target list

Learn five easy steps to make referral selling a priority

Master the specific language to obtain the perfect referral introduction

Create a template for an ROI conversation that delivers a 10x return

Discover how to steer clear of eight referral traps

Avoid the 12 phrases that can derail your referral strategy

"Joanne's referral process works so well that you'd better have the infrastructure in place to support all the referrals you'll receive. I couldn't believe all the business development opportunities my team had been missing out on. When we finally started asking for referrals, our clients were happy to help us grow the company and further our mission. Joanne's Masters Program was the impetus I need to work 'on' my business and to truly become a sales leader for my company." 

— John Gabrys, Partner 

VPS/ERP Visions

"Joanne put our team through an intense two-day workshop, followed by an extensive coaching program. Her knowledge and experience proved extremely valuable as she tailored each session to our needs, some we didn't even know that we had! Simply put, we cannot say enough about Joanne's professionalism and flexibility. Not only is she a pleasure to work with, the entire investment was more than paid for in new business contracts BEFORE we wrapped our initial engagement." 

—Jeremy Neuhart 


How Does the Individual Masters Program Work?

The Masters Program combines the No More Cold Calling OnDemand modules with private coaching to refine your referral skills. You receive five 30-45 minute coaching calls interspersed with your completion of specific OnDemand modules. 

Participants find coaching sessions bring the program to life and address the unique sales challenges they face in their day-to-day activities. 

Think of it this way. Why do we need trainers at the gym? All the equipment is there. Because when someone is holding us accountable, we show up. We continue to refine our workout and build strength and tone, with renewed confidence. We practice. We have discipline. 

Yet, most of us don't commit to the same accountabiltiy and skills-building in our sales roles. Seems kind of dumb when you think about it, doesn't it? 

Referral selling means transforming your prospecting approach. What is a 70 percent conversion rate worth to you? Let this answer justify your investment of $2,850. You can pay the full amount now or four monthly payments of $748.00

Step 1: Review and sign a consulting and confidentiality agreement. All conversations are private and will keep you on track towards your specific goals. You agree to show up for our calls on time, complete your assignments, and arrive prepared. 

Step 2: Complete the 14 "Yes/No" question Referral I.Q. Quiz and send to Joanne. 

Step 3: Schedule your introductory "Discovery" call. You will answer specific questions about your business and referral goals. If you have a written sales process, sales and marketing plans, or any other written items germane to our work, please email them to me. You don't need to prepare for this call. I will clearly outline the referral program and provide an online link and password to access the OnDemand modules. 

(After each call, you will receive detailed notes with your customized steps.) 

Step 4: Complete three OnDemand Modules:

Module One: The Business Case for Referrals

Module Two: Set Your Referral Course

Module Three: Results Matter—The Rest Is Just Talk

Step 5: Coaching Call Two 

Step 6: Complete two more OnDemand Modules:

Module Four: Clients—Love Them or Leave Them

Module Five: Everyone Is on Your Sales Team

Step 7: Coaching Call Three 

Step 8: Complete one OnDemand Module:

Module Six: How to Ask for Referrals

Step 9: Coaching Call Four

Step 10: Complete the final OnDemand Modules:

Module Seven: Practice Makes Permanent

Module Eight: Putting Referrals Into Action

Gather results

Outline action steps going forward

Consider option to continue coaching (two sessions per month for three months)

Step 11: Coaching Call Five

How Does OnDemand Work?

Eight 30-minute webinar modules—Listen, follow along, and learn new skills and approaches to prospecting

Worksheets for each module—Apply what you've learned to your unique business

Companion Guides for each module—See pictures of each slide, key messages, and space to take notes as you go along

Now's your chance to change the game. Build your skills, get coaching, and master referral selling. You'll get in at the level that counts with just one call, while your competition is still wasting time calling people they don't know, emailing reasons to talk, or connecting with disinterested strangers on social media. 

Ready to hit your numbers without hitting the phones, with less sweat and results you can bank on? You can pay the full amount now or four monthly payments of $748.00.

joanne black

Joanne Black

I founded No More Cold Calling in 1996 after more than 35 years selling and managing sales teams. I knew that referrals should be a company's #1 outbound prospecting strategy. Yet, no company had a systematic, disciplined referral program with skills, metrics, and accountability for results. Today I work with sales teams, business owners, and individuals to implement referral programs—which address their two biggest challenges: Getting meetings at the level that counts and ensuring a consistent stream of qualified leads. 

I authored two books—NO MORE COLD CALLING™: The Breakthrough System That Will Leave Your Competition in the Dust and Pick Up the Damn Phone!: How People, Not Technology, Seal the Deal. I belong to the National Speakers Association and have won many awards for my social media presence. I'm a contrarian thinker and believe no one should ever have to cold call. 

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