5 Tips to Build Your “Executive Cabinet for Sales Success”

President-elects of the United States typically spend the two months of transition between Election Day and their Inauguration assembling their Cabinet and top advisors. President-Elect Barack Obama is no different. The nation and world have been watching with curiosity and interest as to whom Obama will select.

Business professionals and sales managers should follow the President’s lead and surround themselves with intelligent and trusted people who can help them build referrals and sales success.

The world is our sales team. We need to be proactive in identifying people who can be great Referral Sources. Like any President or great leader, ordinary people can surround themselves with individuals who are supportive and excel in areas that they don’t. For sales professionals, it’s important to ask for help and guidance in building a referral-based business because we never know who someone else may know.

5 Tips to Build Your Own “Executive Cabinet for Sales Success”

1. Form a Sales Advisory Board. This will enable you to brainstorm ideas and create a “leap in demand” and more sales for your products and services.  An easy way to boost sales effectiveness.

2. Commit to Building a Referral Business. Surround yourself with people who are movers and shakers who can offer business referrals your way and vice versa.

3. Form Alliances. Think of innovative ways to partner with others to increase your visibility, brand, and attract new business.

4. Create Accountability. Choose an accountability partner such as a trusted colleague, coach, or associate to share ideas and help each other on a weekly basis.  This is sort of idea sharing can contribute to your business success.

5. Become a Thought Leader. When you are passionate about your expertise and share your knowledge, you will increase your credibility and widen your circles. This leads to new business contacts, referrals, and partnerships.

Inaugurate Your Own New Sales Strategy

Commit to building your own Executive Cabinet for Sales Success. I practice the Executive Cabinet approach, and build my business exclusively through referrals. Regardless of your political perspective, referral selling is a winning sales strategy.

Get presidential. Make today your new beginning. Build your own “Executive Cabinet for Sales Success” and commit to changing your business. Now.