I interviewed Daniel Waldschmidt, the creator of IntroMojo, to learn why IntroMojo was such a hot new sales and marketing tool. If you’ve been reading my blog, you know I’m against social sales sites that guarantee sales leads delivered directly to your inbox (they don’t). I am, however, for referrals.

I wanted to learn how IntroMojo would help me get even better referrals.

Delight! IntroMojo helps us collect hard-to-find prospect information—such as photos, work history, contact information, social traits, news articles, blog posts, music tastes, reading lists, plus other relevant information that our Referral Source may not know.

Take a sneak peek at IntroMojo: View this 70-second video from Daniel.

It’s not that we can’t find this data on our own. We can. IntroMojo just does in about five seconds what takes the average person 30-45 minutes to do.

OK, this pitch resonates with me: Referral-based social sales tool, saves me a chunk of time, and is easy to use. Count me in.

Check out: IntroMojo.