What do the following have in common: Referrals, Meetings, Minimal Marketing, and Maximum Impact? They fit together like hands and gloves.

Get the referral, get the meeting. You’ve heard me say that many times, but it’s now come to life—with a provocative addition from my colleague Sonia Dumas, who says “Marketing is Minimal, Impact is Maximum.” Sonia is absolutely right about that, and she even created this unique video that brings the referral message home.

(You can also read our interview in Sonia’s blog post, Driving Sales Through Referrals with Joanne Black.)  

Sonia is dedicated to referral selling. In fact, she’s a certified instructor of my referral system. She works with small business owners who face the challenges of limited cash flow, declining sales, and minimal support. She also created the Unstoppable Sales Community, which helps small businesses activate the three major growth gears: Payday Conversations, Alliances, and Referrals. 

Wow, I’m ready to be unstoppable. How about you? 

Join a Community of Unstoppable Small Businesses

Sonia created the Unstoppable Sales Community because small businesses were hit the hardest by the tsunami of COVID and they weren’t getting the support needed to become profitable again. That’s why I’m recommending the Unstoppable Sales Community to you. You need systems and strategies that can create momentum, fuel progress, and provide hope that each step we take is a step closer to payday. And you can get all that through peers and industry experts in this new sales community.

The vision of the Unstoppable Sales Community is to empower, support, and transform small businesses into cash-flow-powerhouses. And part of that is helping you learn how to tap into your referral network.

In Sales, It’s What You Know and Who You Know

Most business owners don’t realize that they have a large network they can tap into for referrals. Most importantly, they have relationships from past companies. What they also don’t realize is that people will refer them because of the trusted relationships they’ve developed.

It doesn’t matter if your business is new or established. People don’t refer companies; they refer people.

Referrals are the #1 way to expand your business. Get a referral introduction from someone your prospect knows and trusts, and you get the meeting every time. No more struggling to get the right people. No more hoping someone else would just “do sales” for you.

Sales is not a four-letter word, at least not when you sell by referral. Referrals are about the relationships you’ve developed. They’re based on trust, not cold calling. You’re not a pushy and aggressive salesperson, so you won’t come off like one.

As a small business owner, you need to maintain a healthy cash flow and manage your costs. There’s no cost to referrals. Sure, you need to send a thank-you note. You might even send a small gift or make a charitable donation after the fact. But there’s no huge marketing cost and no investment in a costly salesperson. You will need to hire a salesperson at some point when your business can afford it, and perhaps you have already. But as the company’s leader, you still need to know how to ask for referrals. And Sonia and I can help you learn.

The Small Business Stimulus Webinar

On Thursday, October 29th, the creators of the Unstoppable Sales Community and Real Business Mastery, Sonia Dumas and Hugh Tafel, will be hosting the Small Business Stimulus webinar. Small business leaders are invited to learn simple, low-cost strategies to get more leads, more conversions, more transactions, higher revenues, and more profits within 12 months. 

In this webinar, you will learn how to construct an actionable profit-accelerating roadmap customized to your business. I’ll be there. Will you?

Here’s to becoming unstoppable!