Corporate Referral Selling Programs

Are your sales reps connecting with customers and closing deals as often as they should or are they wasting your time and your money cold calling, cold emailing(SPAM) and relying on social media to engage prospects who don’t know them and have no reason to connect?

Companies that work with No More Cold Calling can expect their salespeople to be:

  • Pre-sold: Prospects know them and want to talk to them.
  • Trusted and credible: Really tough attributes for a salesperson to earn.
  • Reducing the time it takes to make sales. Spend more time with customers and less time prospecting.
  • Scoring meetings, while the competition is still figuring out who the decision-makers are.
  • Saving you money: No expensive marketing costs—just your own sales team out there selling for you.
  • Converting sales prospects to clients more than 50% of the time. (More likely between 70 and 90% of the time.)

You will completely transform your business with comprehensive referral-sales programs for reps, and additional resources for managers and executives to change the organizational culture and implement proven processes that will benefit for years to come.

Our Programs

No More Cold Calling Referral Selling Implementation

Referral selling doesn’t “just happen.” Achieving referral success means adopting referral selling as a strategic initiative, with a disciplined, systematic, measurable process. There are three essential components:

  1. Referral Strategy Development: Set goals for revenue increases and client acquisition. Determine roles and responsibilities for referral generation, and structure reward, recognition, and reinforcement activities
  2. Skill Building: Build new skills with the four building blocks of referral selling. You will approach referral selling like you never considered. (Or: Bust your referral selling beliefs or… Bust conventional beliefs about referral selling.) Learn why customers don’t care about you, get rid of your PITA clients, identify your most untapped referral source, and learn a proven process to ask for and receive a referral introduction.
  3. Implementation: Ensure referrals become the way you work–every single day. Ongoing coaching and reinforcement are the key drivers to change behavior. They guarantee accountability and measurable results. Don’t even think of beginning a referral program without including this critical step.

The No More Cold Calling Referral-Selling Guarantee

We’ve built the No More Cold Calling Referral-Selling System to support you and your team’s success.  We guarantee referral results when salespeople show up, participate, and practice referral-sales skills. This is then measured and they are held accountable for referrals.

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