tunnel-336693_640If you’re always looking at a screen, you’re missing out on your life.

How many friends do you have? Not online “friends.” I mean real friends—people you truly care about and who are actually part of your life, not just your social networks.

Technology addiction is running rampant in today’s society. We spend more time looking at screens than talking to the people who matter. And this sad reality is not only impairing our sales effectiveness; it’s creating distance between us, our families, and our friends—the people we should be keeping close.

Change Isn’t Always for the Better

Maybe a day will dawn when people stop talking to each other at all, and communicate solely through technology. I won’t be around then, but the thought saddens me. I want my grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren to know what it’s like to be human—to use words, to enjoy seeing someone smile, and to smile back.

Problem is, the only way to teach our children that people are more important than technology is to show them—to let them see us without smart phones in our hands, to take them outside, and to have family dinners without devices.

A Video You Can’t Afford to Miss

That’s why I loved Gary Turk’s video, “Look Up.”  It takes less than five minutes to watch and might just change your life.

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How do you ensure technology isn’t ruining your relationships?