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[Video Overkill] Am I the Only One Who Would Rather Read?

Salespeople and content marketers, I don’t like watching your videos. I have to put my earbuds in, and that breaks my concentration. Video is not my learning style. I can read and get your point much faster than I can listen. The caption below your video is distracting to me as well. I will, however, read a well-crafted summary or transcript of your remarks. What happened to an omnichannel approach and focusing on the buyer? What happened to prioritizing customer experience? Every buyer has a preferred learning style. Cater only to one, and you’re SOL. (Read “[Video Overkill] Am I the Only One Who Would Rather Read?.”)

Let Freedom Ring: My Sentiments on July 4

Some of you know my sister and I travel together every year. This was our 17th year. We’ve hiked in the Czech Republic and Easter Island, walked on glaciers in Patagonia, visited Machu Picchu, taken a barge trip in Holland, seen the terracotta soldiers in China, walked on the Great Wall, toured Cuba, spent time in Tuscany, and visited New Zealand and Australia. We’ve also slipped in some beach vacations—one in Mexico and several at the Jersey Shore where we grew up. Each trip was spectacular in its own way, but nothing compared to the feeling I had standing on Omaha Beach. (Read “Let Freedom Ring: My Sentiments on July 4.”)

How Warren Buffett Spends His Time [The Life Punchcard Theory]

Most people (especially sales leaders) share the same frustrations: How do I fit everything in? How do I catch up? How do I innovate? How do I balance work and family? There aren’t enough hours in the day. I want to do so many things, and I’ll never get to them all. We’re busier, more efficient, and more productive than ever. Yet, we don’t always feel more successful. (Read “How Warren Buffett Spends His Time [The Life Punchcard Theory].”)

Your Referral Network Is Shrinking [Why That’s a Good Thing]

Do you really need more people in your business network? Well, yes and no. I’m sure you have people in your business network you never talk to. I do. And while I want to remain connected with them, how I stay in touch depends on the value we provide each other. You receive my weekly emails and a recap at the end of every month. But I don’t really know you unless you reach out to me—which I encourage you to do. You might have a question about referral selling I can answer, want to work together to build a referral culture, or put me in touch with a perfect referral partner. We’ll become part of each other’s business network. But chances are, we’ll never be a part of each other’s inner circle. Because those circles are small. And that’s OK. (Read “Your Referral Network Is Shrinking [Why That’s a Good Thing].”)