Too many things clog our heads at this time of the year. In the United States, federal taxes, state taxes, and in California someone made the brilliant decision to assess property taxes at the same time. There’s spring cleaning, quarterly finances, and summertime planning. No wonder spring is a flurry of activity.

One less thing to stress out about is your sales forecast. When you actively work your referral-selling business, you engage in business-development activities every single day. And a daily activity is far more likely to be accomplished on time than a larger, looming one.

Why is this so important? Because when we’re really busy, when we work on client projects, and travel extensively, we forget to prospect. We’re so busy being in the business that we’re not building it. The bad news? We have no sales pipeline.

Sales teams are taxed to the limit. The pressure is on to quickly build that sales forecast. But how? This “out of nowhere” sales approach presents an inherent problem—creating a sales forecast with unqualified sales prospects and “smoke and mirrors” deals. I know. I managed sales teams that had plenty of those.

When you consistently ask for referrals, you build a qualified, robust sales pipeline with a close ratio of over 50 percent. Build your business as you work your business and get tangible and measurable results. Do it daily, and get un-taxed about business development and sales forecasting.

Nothing to tax about here. One less thing to worry about on April 15th.