How to Double Your Referral Network in 90 Days

Smart account based sales reps don’t wait around for cold leads from marketing or nurtured leads from SDRs. They show up and take responsibility for their own qualified sales lead generation. They get in early, before prospects even know they have a need, solidify relationships, and develop bonds that can’t be broken by any competitor.

The best account based sales reps aren’t reactive. They’re proactive, disciplined, insightful, and great at building relationships with everyone they meet throughout the sales process. Their lead generation strategies are focused on how to get referrals and keep their pipelines full of qualified sales leads.

But they don’t stop there. They realize that expanding their networks ensures more relationships, more opportunities to identify qualified lead opportunities, more connections, more learning, and more referrals.

It’s Time to Make New Friends—and Not on Facebook

Social networking is great, but it’s hard to make personal connections online. Real-world networking opportunities exist everywhere—meetings, professional associations, alumni groups, sports groups, community groups, weddings, parties, and any place people come together.

People network to make friends, sell products, promote their companies, find jobs, find new clients, learn the latest from others, or gain more visibility in the business community. Networking also helps account based selling teams expand their connections, get their brands known, and exchange ideas.

However, networking is one of those concepts that everyone likes but few people know how to do—even experienced sales reps.

Are you one of those people who can’t wait to walk into a room full of strangers? Most people aren’t. They think that great networkers are “life of the party” types. So, less extroverted reps default to social media as their main communication channel for account based sales development. It’s a safe place where you don’t actually have to talk to anyone.

Not so fast. Selling is all about relationships—how we build them, how we nurture them, and how we respect them. That’s why referral selling is the #1 strategy for sales lead generation. It’s also why high-performing account based sales reps never let their networks wither away. After all, their relationships are their competitive advantage.

Joanne will show you how to leverage the contacts you already have and learn practical lead generation strategies to boost your visibility, turn your contacts into amazing clients and referral sources, and advance your career.

In this talk, Joanne discusses:

  • What networking really is, why do it, and what it looks like
  • 10 practical networking tips to immediately boost your visibility
  • 5 distinct attributes of a great networker
  • Why (and how) to follow up so you don’t hang yourself on a dangling lead
  • How to turn your contacts into a trusted network and enlist everyone in your referral sales team
  • How to get referrals (and scale them)

Invite Joanne to speak to your sales team—whether they’re new to sales or sales veterans, individual contributors or sales leaders. How to Double Your Referral Network in 90 Days will revolutionize your lead generation strategies and challenge your understanding of networking for qualified sales lead generation.

There’s no time to lose. Learn these secrets before your competition does! Call Joanne at +1 415-461-8763 or email her at right now.



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