The Referral I.Q. Quiz

Turn Your Sales From Cold to GOLD!

Think you’re a referral selling expert? Take the No More Cold Calling Referral I.Q. quiz and find out for sure. This interactive PDF presents 13 questions to accelerate your referral business and double your sales velocity!

By committing to referral selling you will:

  • Attract your ideal clients more than 50 percent of the time
  • Shorten your sales process by at least 35 percent
  • Ace out your fiercest competitors
  • Reduce your cost of sales at least 22 percent
  • Win more, bigger, and more profitable deals

Become a Referral Selling Star

Take the Referral I.Q. Quiz. Get your score. And find out if you’re a Referral Selling Star, or if you just need a little help getting there. Sales success through referrals works. Start now by completing the form below.

Your Referral I.Q. can turn your sales from cold to GOLD!


Referral-Selling Tips to You

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