Golden HamsterAre you confusing being busy with being productive?

The delete button is my friend—helping to rid my life of the countless unsolicited emails I receive each day. Regrettably, these are usually followed by a series of cold calls. It’s mindless activity that goes nowhere. Yet, it makes us appear busy. After all, we’ve made our requisite number of phone calls and sent a slew of emails that marketing provided to us. But at the end of the day, we’re left empty-handed.

Sales is not about what we do. It’s the results we get that matter.

Don’t Get Confused….

In Paul B. Brown’s article, “If You Want To Be Successful, Don’t Confuse Being Busy With Getting The Right Things Done,” he spotlights NCAA basketball coach John Wooden, whom Brown calls “the most successful coach who ever lived.” Brown writes:

When people asked him for his ”secrets” of success, Wooden would invariably say one key factor was that you never want to confuse activity with accomplishment. 

The simplest example of that?

Just because you show up at work every day doesn’t mean you are getting anything done.

In fact, thinking about the numbers of hours you work, just confuses the issue.

Time is not a factor. Quality, making progress, and accomplishing your goals is.

Read the rest of the article for tips to ensure you’re making the most of your work day.

…Get Closest to Cash

My personal motto: Do what’s closest to cash first. This means prospecting through referrals and caring for current clients always take priority over checking email and updating Twitter. After all, it’s people, not tweets, that seal the deal.

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What rules do you have in place to ensure that you’re effective at work and not just “busy”?