Definitive information lets me decide how and where to spend my business development time.

I’d always prefer to hear a client say “Yes! Let’s work together.” But, I’d rather hear a “No” than a “Maybe.”

Clients who tell you maybe, string you along. You hang onto that string of hope that things may change. They’re reorganizing, and that takes time. They’re going through a technology conversion. They’re experiencing management changes, and don’t know what the new “sheriffs” want… .

That’s what a client told me—he coined the term “sheriffs.” But here’s the big difference—before we spoke, he reached out to the big guy and got the lay of the land. His message to me: No money this year.

“No money this year” tells me exactly how to spend my time. My time is better served talking to other clients and leveraging those connections for additional business and referrals. How great of my client to take the time to get the truth for me.

Don’t you wish all of your clients would be that helpful?

Yes or no, let me know what you think. Post your comments, questions, and insight here, and thanks for joining the referral-selling conversation!