Spread-the-wordI need your help to spread the word about women in sales.

Men say they don’t understand women. Women say men don’t listen. Men say the best salespeople they know are women, but they also say we should stop talking so much and get to the point. How do we ever get any work done with such a big communication divide between the sexes?

I’m taking steps to close this gap between men and women in sales with my new presentation—“Big Deals and High Heels™: Why Women Are Naturals at Selling.” By speaking at sales meetings around the world, and spreading my message about why women make great rainmakers, I’m ready to change the sales game for both men and women.

Are you?

Help Me Help Women

Saleswomen have the skills and grit it takes to be top-tier sellers. In fact, studies show women in sales outperform their male counterparts in quota attainment, retention, and leadership effectiveness.

Let’s bring this message to company sales meetings with an interactive, working session of “Big Deals and High Heels” for women in sales. (Men can attend, too, of course.)

Our profession needs more women, and I need your help.

Please refer me (introduce me) to heads of sales in medium-to-large technology companies with business-to-business sales teams. Who are one or two sales leaders you know, with whom I should meet about speaking at their company sales meetings? The outcome? A diverse sales team that brings bigger deals in faster.

Want More Info?

I launched “Big Deals and High Heels” at Dreamforce with Barry Trailer of CSO Insights. We discussed the differences in how men and women’s brains are “wired,” why those differences matter, and what unique qualities make women rock stars at selling. The big takeaway: Sales leaders must help both sexes adjust their communication to be heard, understood, and get work done. (Watch the video.)

The audience was wowed! They said:

  • “Great topic with great speakers who were very knowledgeable yet also gave practical examples. It was good to have both male and female speakers who could share insights to differences in the work environment.”
  • “They gave tips on how to better communicate with the male audience, so as a woman in the professional world, I greatly appreciated the insight gained from this session. Well done.”
  • “Another of my favorites. Gave me good insights into working with the men on my team and also some practical to-dos for our sales team in terms of building relationships.”

Do you have referrals for me? Or questions about the presentation? I’m glad to chat. Contact me at (415) 461-8763 or joanne@nomorecoldcalling.com, or visit my website for details.

Thanks for your support and help in advancing the careers of women in sales.

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