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Annie Jennings, Jenningswire

Joanne discusses the premise behind her book, Pick Up the Damn Phone!, the new challenges/risks caused by technology for salespeople and how can sales teams overcome them.


Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist

During this episode Joanne discusses the reasons why so many people are electing NOT to pick up the phone. Donald and Joanne why picking up the phone allows us to connect as humans, gain more referrals and in turn win more deals.

Will Eisenbrandt—Networked Wealth

In this interview Joanne discusses how relationships not technology are the keys to sales success. In her book, Pick Up the Damn Phone, she passes on the knowledge of sales experts and gives the reader a step by step tutorial on how to generate more revenue.

PowerViews with Dan McDade

Cold calling has long been a staple of sales, but knowing just a little bit about a prospect is actually not much better. There is no such thing as “warm calling,” says my latest guest on PowerViews, Joanne Black. You’re either cold or you’re hot—lukewarm doesn’t cut it.

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Deb Calvert—Connect

Technology may be preventing you from making a genuine connection with your buyers. The world’s leading authority on Referral Selling and founder of No More Cold Calling will share some tips and ideas from her latest book Pick Up the Damn Phone!

 The Writers’ Café with Paul Jensen

In this edition of The Writer’s Café, Paul Jensen interviews sales expert Joanne Black about her new book, Pick Up the Damn Phone!: How People, Not Technology, Seal the Deal. 

Interviews with The Small Business Advocate, Jim Blasingame

How cold calling damages your company brand

If you have time to cold call, why don’t you have time to get referrals?

Why do salespeople give excuses for not getting referrals

Checking your position with prospects

How to make customers accountable for their expectations

Align your sales goals with customer expectations

Are women better at getting referrals?

Are women different from men as sales professionals?

Balancing face-to-face with social media in sales

Research shows the power of community

How to use LinkedIn to grow prospective customers

How many ways can you “show up” with a prospect?

The power of a sales proposal

Using new technology to “show up” in different ways

The power of face-to-face connection

Salespeople have a larger responsibility to their customers now than ever before

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Interview with Christine Crandell and Kevin Price

Listen to Top Sales World’s Jonathan Farrington speak with Joanne

Business Builders Global with Marty Wolff

Listen to my conversation with Marty Wolff as we talk about the dos and don’ts of referral selling.

We’ll also touch on the three keys to finding success with referral selling and debate the “magic bullet” fantasy.

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