Forget About Cold Calling Forever with Our Exclusive Referral Selling Masters Program for Sales Teams

Cold Calling is a waste of your time and resources. People who don’t expect or want your call are not top prospects. So why are so many companies committed to this flawed and brand-damaging process? Why have they have not embraced a culture of referral selling that turns every lead into a viable customer?

testimonialThe No More Cold Calling Masters Program is a unique combination of collaborative group webinars, individual self-study and private coaching that helps teams embrace referral sales as the primary driver of business. Participants  learn a proven referral-sales process that is guaranteed to boost productivity and bottom line results.

The Referral Selling Masters Program is a three to five-month, intensive referral program for sales teams that are ready to commit to using referral sales as a way to achieve double-digit increases in performance. That’s right DOUBLE DIGIT returns.


Overview of the Referral Selling Masters Program

Who: Small B2B sales or sales management teams. There are two distinct streams – sales people AND Sales Managers. Each stream is will include appropriate tools and techniques to implement real sales solutions RIGHT AWAY.

Where: On the phone, on the web and on-demand.

pipelineThe Business Case

Every sales person and executive agrees that when you become a referral-selling organization:

  • You’re pre-sold: Your prospects know you and want to talk to you. How great is that?
  • You have trust and credibility: Really tough attributes for a salesperson to earn.
  • You shorten your sales process: Yes! Spend more time with your customers and less time prospecting.
  • You ace-out the competition: You score meetings, while your competition is still figuring out the person to meet.
  • There are no “hard” costs to referrals: No expensive marketing costs—just your own private sales team out there selling for you.
  • You convert your sales prospect to a client more than 50% of the time. (More likely between 70 and 90% of the time.)

Practically no one—fewer than 5% of companies—has a disciplined, measurable, proactive referral system. It’s common sense, but not common practice, and it is your key competitive differentiator.

Prior to program launch, Joanne coordinates with each individual participant to establish sales and company goals for the program. Participants are coached on sales activities, referral skills, and expected outcomes.

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What is referral selling worth to you?

Make referrals happen every single day. No other marketing or sales approach comes close to the results you get from referral selling. You can anticipate at least a 20% to 30% increase in total revenue, shorter sales cycles, and bigger deals.

Referral selling means transforming your sales organization and prospecting approach. What is a 70% conversion rate worth to you?.

Commit to the Referral Selling Masters Program Now

If your ROI calculation makes sense, and you commit to referral selling, contact me:

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If you would prefer a one on one option check out our Masters Program for Individuals.