futureThe future of marketing is happening now.

Technology might not have changed how we sell, but it’s certainly changed how we market. With new, sophisticated Web applications, social media, the cloud, and the skyrocketing adoption of mobility, marketers and advertisers alike have been scrambling to figure out how rapidly-evolving technologies impact the way we engage customers.

People aren’t distracted by shiny baubles and novelties for very long. That’s why any business that relies strictly on tech tools, social media, or blogging will ultimately fail. What will help are smart marketers who understand how to balance technology with the personal touch.

As marketing expert Brian Solis points out in his article—“The Future of Marketing is not about Marketing … It’s about You!”—there’s a lot of change, but not a lot of innovation in processes or methodologies. He writes:

Today in what is nothing less than an emergent moment for marketing and communications, I see even the best of them leaning back because it’s what they know. Instead of inventing, re-inventing or leading, we are stuffing promise into familiarity. We’re broadcasting and not connecting, talking and not listening, calendering not investing, justifying and validating not creating value.

Read the rest of his article to learn how we can put the “public” back in public relations and the “social” back in social media.

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