No More Cold Calling Referral-Selling Training

Power of ReferralsReferrals: Common Sense

Salespeople agree that referral selling is “hands down” their most crucial business-development strategy:

  • Their prospect is pre-sold on their ability to deliver results
  • Their sales time shortens by at least 20%
  • The referred salesperson has credibility
  • The competition decreases or disappears
  • They attract a new client a minimum of 50 percent—but more likely between 70 and 90%—of the time
  • Referral clients are more profitable, deal sizes are larger, and these client are perfect sources of referrals to new business

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Referrals: Not Common Practice

Generating qualified leads is the most important step in your sales process.

Think you already have a targeted Referral Sales Strategy?

Do you have:

  • A written referral-sales plan?
  • Written weekly referral-sales goals?
  • Metrics to track and measure referrals?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, you need the referral-selling system that delivers immediate results. Bring Joanne into your company or sales conference, attend a webinar, or check out our host of training products. Change the way you do business with No More Cold Calling.

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TrophyHere’s How You’ll Benefit When You Adopt My No More Cold Calling Referral-Selling System

In the No More Cold Calling referral selling system, you’ll learn:

  • Simple, specific referral metrics that drive results
  • 5 easy steps to make referral selling a priority
  • A template for an ROI conversation
  • 3 specific business results you deliver
  • 1 surefire way to build trust immediately
  • A new, disciplined, business-development strategy
  • The answer to the question: Why should I do business with you?
  • 2 new, unexpected criteria to qualify your Ideal Client
  • To identify your most qualified referral-selling opportunities
  • Specific language to obtain the perfect referral
  • 8 referral traps to avoid
  • 12 phrases you should never use
  • Personal and organization referral-selling goals

What Your Company Gets

  • A Referral Sales Action Plan with calendar and checklist (workshop)
  • A PDF of all handouts (online)
  • Email access to Joanne for 6 months
  • Workshop/Webinar facilitation
  • Company-specific scenarios and role plays
  • Interactive learning games to boost retention and results
  • Management preparation to ensure a seamless transition to referral selling
  • Option to purchase No More Cold Calling™: The Breakthrough System That Will Leave Your Competition in the Dust for all participants
  • Option to purchase and use recording for newly hired salespeople and additional regions
  • Advice on global implementation roll out
  • Advice on participant reinforcement, motivation, and recognition

Program Details

For detailed session-by-session curriculum information, please download the No More Cold Calling Training Program Detail

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No More Cold Calling Referral Selling Implementation

No More Cold Calling training is conducted in an in-person session or a webinar series. It is an integrated learning experience!

  • 60-minute skills-development online webinars scheduled over sequential weeks
  • Online game competitions to accelerate retention of all developed skills – includes a Certificate of Completion for each game completed – scheduled between webinars
  • One 60-minute follow-up coaching webinar to strengthen application of developed skills
  • 90 days of direct email access for questions to Joanne Black
  • Session recordings: All sessions are recorded, so key content and sales lessons are always available to you

The No More Cold Calling Referral-Selling Guarantee

We’ve built the No More Cold Calling Referral-Selling System to support your success, and we guarantee referral results when salespeople show up and participate, complete the referral-selling online games, practice referral-sales skills, and are measured and held accountable for referrals.

We can also provide a Referral-Selling Certification for salespeople and sales managers.

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