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"Joanne is a master of her craft and is helping thousands of sellers around the globe perfect the art of referral selling."

Rich Adams,
Sales Enablement Leader, Zoom Video Communications 

"...we can easily measure a 500% ROI from our work with Joanne."

Melody Astley,
Vice President Sales, Finlistics Solutions

"I’ve been so much more confident in my referral strategy after our training. I know who to ask and I know what to say. It was great working with you."

Nick Carpenter,
Business Development Manager, Esker

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"...should be required reading—not just for sales professionals, but for everyone."

Tom Zgainer,
CEO, America’s Best 401k

"...grounded in real-life situations...reaffirmed for me that the most powerful way to build a relationship is to make a personal connection.”

Lee Folger,
sales executive

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"Joanne Black is a master speaker, facilitator and agent of change."

Missy Grace,
Chief of Staff, Aon

"She connected brilliantly... Most rated it as one of the best sales seminars they had attended."

John Smibert,
CEO, Strategic Selling Group


Joanne’s contrarian approach often goes against the prevailing winds and even the philosophies of other speakers sharing the stage with her. Joanne’s energetic presentation style and actionable content provide audiences with a foundation to challenge what they hear in the blogosphere about how technology is changing how they should connect with prospects. Make her the most memorable speaker at your next event!


You Won’t Believe What Carol Burnett Said

You Won’t Believe What Carol Burnett Said

How do we support women in sales The incomparable Carol Burnett, in a 1969 article in Salesman's Opportunity Magazine, said, "Tell a woman something can't be done and watch her do it! Apply this talent to the business world and you can see how far ahead any gal is...

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She Said My Experience Wasn’t Research — What Do You Think?

She Said My Experience Wasn’t Research — What Do You Think?

She said my research wasn’t real research. I told her I ask my clients if they’ve asked every one of their clients for a referral. That’s each person they’ve met during the buying process. The answer is always no. She said this wasn’t her experience and wanted to know...

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How to Build Trust and Stand Out

How to Build Trust and Stand Out

When you earn your clients’ trust, they keep coming back for more (even bigger) deals. They also become your most loyal cheerleaders and advocates—and refer you to people just like themselves. Relationships built on trust give you an edge over your competitors, who often don’t even get a chance to compete. Does your team know how to build trust and stand out?

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