Pick Up the Damn Phone!: Why Technology Won’t Seal the Deal

Pick Up the Damn Phone!: Why Technology Won’t Seal the Deal

Are your LinkedIn invitations getting lost in the cloud? Are you spinning your wheels tweeting to your sales leads and getting nothing out of it? If your prospecting efforts fall on deaf ears, perhaps it’s time to rethink how your account based selling teams use lead generation tools.

Sales success isn’t about how many emails you can fire off in a day or how many friend requests you send to decision-makers. It’s about real relationships with real people.

One reason account based sales reps appear overly busy yet underproductive is they’ve forgotten that people—not technology—close deals. So, they rely on B2B marketing teams for sales lead generation and status updates to reel in buyers.

Your account based selling team will get far better results by unplugging from Facebook and Twitter, and simply picking up the damn phone to make the connections that count!

Your Sales Leads Are People

In the age of digital dependence, many account based sales reps have relinquished their sales duties to the impersonal internet. They forget that technology is only a tool and that people buy from people.

How many unopened emails do you delete every day? How many sales pitch messages do you ignore on LinkedIn? The buyers you want to do business with are just as busy and cautious as you are. They don’t need another impersonal sales pitch. They don’t read your status updates. And they don’t need to hear better cold calling scripts.

But they will respond to a genuine phone conversation with someone who’s been referred.

Learn how to boost sales lead generation and close more deals by picking up the damn phone!

Sales success today means picking up the phone—not to cold call, but to ask for referrals and call prospects who want to talk to you. It means pairing a referral system with genuine phone interactions for account based selling teams to land and expand within their named accounts. It means getting red-hot sales leads by taking your social networking offline and getting back to basics. It means putting the human element back into your sales strategy.

In this revealing discussion, Joanne breaks down her proven No More Cold Calling® Referral Selling Lead Generation System that transforms the way salespeople qualify sales leads and close deals. These insights from her groundbreaking book—Pick Up the Damn Phone!: How People, Not Technology, Seal the Deal—will simplify and supercharge your ability to prospect with precision, ask for referrals, and make the sale. Learn how to expand your referral network and hit your sales numbers by creating authentic relationships with real people in the real world.

In this talk, Joanne discusses:

  • The dangers of digital dependence for account based sales reps
  • Why marketing can’t qualify your leads
  • Why trust and personal connections trump technology
  • How a referral connection gives you a competitive edge
  • Why there’s no such thing as a “warm” call
  • How to get the gatekeeper on your team
  • Why face-to-face matters more now than ever

Invite Joanne to speak to your sales team—whether they’re inside sales or account based sales teams, new to sales or sales veterans, individual contributors or sales leaders. Pick Up the Damn Phone!: Why Technology Won’t Seal the Deal in Account Based Sales will revolutionize your process and challenge your understanding of sales. Regardless of your industry, this talk is for you.

There’s no time to lose! Learn these secrets before your competition does. Call Joanne at +1 415-461-8763 or email her at joanne@nomorecoldcalling.com right now.

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