cold calling?Everyone is responsible for business success. Yes, even you.

Typically, professional services people aren’t strong in the business development department. In fact, many shy away from it so much, they call it practice development. They view “sales” as a dirty word and can’t even spell “marketing.”

Many refer to their business development activities as “marketing.” (There’s no way they’re going to adopt the “sales” moniker.)

Pick Up the Phone, Bring In the Money

So I was surprised to hear an attorney speak about the people at her firm. She tells them, “If you’re not picking up the phone, you’re not thinking about your future.”

“Picking up the phone” is a metaphor for rainmaker. (Make your phone time count: read, “Go from Voicemail Villain to Sales Superhero”.)

Enter the new world of professional services where everyone is responsible for developing new business. In many firms, managers, partners, and staff all have personal marketing plans.

The landscape has changed. Business is no longer falling in our laps. During the recent recession, many good people lost their jobs. Firms downsized and took a careful look at ways to engage more clients. Many even developed criteria for de-selecting clients—cleaning house—because they lacked staff to service the business.

The world is changing: The good old boys (they’re pretty much all men) near retirement, clients no longer clamor for us to serve them , and we work with a lean staff.

The time is now for everyone to “pick up the phone.” Now is the time to engage with prospects and clients, and leverage your connections to bring new clients to your organization.

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