The Q2 "Live" Virtual Referral Workshop Series

These are unprecedented times. Lead generation and pipeline conversion have stalled, with no clear idea when that will change. Generating leads and closing deals in a volatile economy and an uncertain world have never been more urgent. Every company has an under-utilized revenue stream that can generate significant qualified opportunities in both good times and bad.

That revenue stream is referral selling. Referrals are the number 1 untapped source of new business with an average conversion rate of 70%, and an increased ratio of qualified opportunities.

You're here because you need help growing your business, and you need to do it now! Perhaps you've tried asking for referrals in the past, but results have been hit and miss. You want a step-by-step process you can follow with precision. You understand that referrals are your solution to sourcing new business.

Yep, I get that. It's what everyone tells me. But wanting a referral system and committing to being accountable for results is a different challenge. However, what no one is talking about, but what faces everyone, is the reluctance to ask for referrals. And I mean everyone.

It doesn't matter your age, experience, gender, culture, or nationality. Referral selling is damn personal. We're asking someone to help us out. (Not always cool in our society). We're afraid of getting a "no" answer, because that would be devastating. Even more looming, we don't want to appear pushy or "salesy."

What You’re Facing 

I'm a business owner, salesperson, and sales manager. So, I'm pretty sure I know how you feel - a bit overwhelmed with business development and all you need to do to attract and retain customers.  

Whether you're a solopreneur, salesperson, head of sales, or CEO of a small business, you feel the constant push/pull between prospecting, working with existing customers, managing social media, and staying in touch with everyone (which can seem like an unending task). I've faced these challenges and more. 

While I can't help you add hours to your day, I DO know the secret to more effective and efficient prospecting for your B2B sales. Clients tell me that when they commit to referral selling and build the necessary skill sets, their results are immediate and remarkable. They finally have a clear path and a referral plan with metrics and action steps.

Now it's your turn.  

The Q2 "Live" Virtual Referral Workshop Series

I created the Virtual Referral Workshop Series with you in mind - business owners and salespeople who want to learn a fast, efficient way to shift your business development approach and get B2B sales leads without cold calling.

This unique program is a solution for busy people who commit to referral selling and want to move forward quickly. In the end, you will:

Get meetings with your top prospects in one call Fill your pipeline with only highly qualified leads Convert your best prospects into clients more than 70 percent of the time Identify at least 10 sources of referrals you can tap into immediately Get appointments with at least eight prospects on your target list Learn three easy steps to make referral selling a priority Master the specific language to obtain the perfect referral introduction Discover how to steer clear of referral traps

"Joanne's referral process works so well that you'd better have the infrastructure in place to support all the referrals you'll receive. I couldn't believe all the business development opportunities my team had been missing out on. When we finally started asking for referrals, our clients were happy to help us grow the company and further our mission. Joanne's Masters Program was the impetus I need to work 'on' my business and to truly become a sales leader for my company."  

— John Gabrys, Partner VPS/ERP Visions  

"Joanne put our team through an intense two-day workshop, followed by an extensive coaching program. Her knowledge and experience proved extremely valuable as she tailored each session to our needs, some we didn't even know that we had! Simply put, we cannot say enough about Joanne's professionalism and flexibility. Not only is she a pleasure to work with, the entire investment was more than paid for in new business contracts BEFORE we wrapped our initial engagement."  

—Jeremy Neuharth Sycorr

How Does the Virtual Referral Selling Workshop Series Work?

The series combines six, live, group, virtual workshops (Zoom), my No More Cold Calling Referral Course on LinkedIn Learning, and two, individual, 30-minute private phone coaching sessions.

Referral selling means transforming your prospecting approach to get exactly the B2B sales clients you want. What is a 70 percent conversion rate worth to you? Would that be worth your investment of $1,950?

Sessions are recorded. But try to attend “live” if possible.  

But Wait. Don’t Sign Up Yet 

I’m serious. Only enroll if you agree to be accountable for results. I will ask you about your accountability at the beginning and will remind you throughout the course.

You might agree to bring in one new client in the next 90 days, ask three people a week for a referral, expand your referral network through specific networking organizations, or ask “X” number of clients for a referral. (I take names.) 

Here’s why accountability counts. If you don’t agree on accountability, this course will just be an exercise. You won’t get results, and you’ll waste your money.

Think of it this way. Why do we need trainers at the gym? All the equipment is there. Because when someone is holding us accountable, we show up. We continue to refine our workout and build strength and tone, with renewed confidence. We practice. We have discipline.

Yet, most of us don't commit to the same accountability and professional development for our sales skills. Seems kind of dumb when you think about it, doesn't it? 

Are You on Board? Get Started Now 

The course is limited to 12 participants, so claim your spot now. The sessions are recorded, but attend “live” as many as possible.  

Dates to be determined.

Not Quite Ready?

You need to learn more and ascertain if this is the right program for you. Send an email to, and we'll schedule a call.

The Process 

You’ll complete the 14 "Yes/No" question Referral I.Q. Quiz We’ll review the composite results on our first webinar.  

• Then I’ll send you to some chapters on LinkedIn Learning. This course is a series of three-to-five-minute videos, worksheets, quizzes, and transcriptions.  

• Then we’ll get back together on another session to practice and apply your learning.  

• Rinse and repeat for six webinar sessions and completion of LinkedIn Learning.  

We’ll have discussions, role-plays and feedback. Active participation is required. The people who learn the fastest are those who volunteer, ask questions, and propose challenges  

Ready Now?  

The course is limited to 12 participants. The sessions are recorded, but try to attend “live” if possible.  

Dates to be determined.

Ready to Begin?

See you Soon!