My new LinkedIn sales training courses take out the guesswork!

Is selling really tougher today? It’s more complex, and despite all the tech tools at our disposal, prospecting certainly hasn’t gotten any easier. Forget closing. Just getting prospects to return calls is hard enough.

Getting meetings with decision-makers is an even greater struggle, because companies all look alike to buyers. They’re bombarded with cold calls, cold emails, and pitches on social media. Everyone’s message is the same: “I have the best product. Talk to me.”

So, how do you cut through the noise and actually talk to your buyers? By getting referrals. And my new sales training courses on LinkedIn Learning and are your ticket to referral selling.

Referral Sales Training Courses Can Make the Difference

In case you forgot why referrals are so powerful, and why learning how to implement a referral program can make the difference, here’s a quick reminder:

  • Get every meeting with one call because you’ve been referred by people your prospects know and trust
  • Shorten your sales process because you bypass the awkward first question: “Who are you, and why should I talk to you?”
  • Eliminate the competition by getting in early and forging solid relationships
  • Convert well more than 50 percent of prospects to clients (most sales pros report a conversion rate of 70 percent or more)

Terrific, right?

Yet, unless yours is among the 5 percent of sales organizations that have built referral selling skills, set referral metrics, and made referrals the way you work every day, you’re missing out on your biggest competitive tool.

In most organizations, referrals are happenstance, because salespeople only occasionally think to ask. But quotas and KPIs aren’t happenstance. Prospects and clients aren’t happenstance. And your job shouldn’t be happenstance.


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