A real referral selling strategy is an everyday, real, tangible, business-changing philosophy. You get bottom-line sales results through a targeted referral process with a written referral-sales plan, weekly written referral goals, essential referral skills, and methods to track and measure referrals.

There has been a lot of buzz about a Make a Referral Week. While encouraging people to make referrals is a great idea, focusing on just one week without tools and guidance is a recipe for disaster.

Referrals are a system, not a one-time event. We all know cold calling doesn’t work. Make a change for the better, forever, and not just for a week. A week might give some folks a peek at referral selling, but a week’s commitment is for the lazy. And those who really LOVE to cold call will do both — which is still a waste of time. You don’t get fit in a week; you don’t change business in a week.

A full commitment can be life-changing. Change yours — forever.