Referral Selling Top Tip #1: When you just get a name, you’re making a cold call. Stop. Referrals make your calls HOT!


There’s No Such Thing as a Warm Call

My take on referrals is clearly defined: A call is either HOT or cold.

My definition of a cold call: You call someone who doesn’t know you, and does not expect your call. It’s that simple. You’re definitely interrupting the person, and you sound like one of those pesky telemarketers who believe you need 10 to 12 touches to actually talk to someone. What a waste of time. Why bother?

When you make a HOT call, on the other hand:

  • Your referral source makes a personal introduction
  • The person receiving your call expects your call
  • You ace out the competition
  • You close more business in less time
  • And, you double your sales (really!)

Top Tips to Run Your Referral Business: Watch the Video

Make hot calls: Referrals make all the difference: Watch the Top Tip #1 Video now.

I’ll personally address more of your referral-selling questions and concerns in the months ahead. Now’s the time to double your business through referrals!

If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Learn how now.

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