It’s not too early for a Q1 push.

How would you like to fill your Q1 pipeline with only qualified leads—the kind of prospects who already want to talk to you before you ever make contact? That might sound like a pipe dream, but I assure you, with my referral selling virtual workshop series, it’s not.

You’ll need to move quickly, because we’re already deep into Q4. What will happen if you don’t have qualified leads ready to go by the end of this year? Will you have enough clients and enough closed business in Q1 and beyond? Or will you be behind the curve before the New Year has even begun?

Now’s the time to get on your prospects’ radar—before their 2020 budgets are set and before your competitors have had a chance to make their mark.

In other words, now’s the time to be asking for referrals.

Your Competitive Advantage: A Referral Introduction

Buyers say we all look alike. How does one internet security company, one CPA firm, one law firm, one consulting firm, one IT firm, one software company, or one small business owner differentiate themselves? I can guarantee you it’s not by sending cold emails, cold calling, or stalking people on social media. After all, everyone is doing that.

Your biggest competitive differentiation is you with a referral introduction. If you haven’t been asking for referrals from every one of your clients, you’re leaving your best prospects behind.

And you’re not asking, are you?

Sure, you get referrals from time-to-time. We all do. A client moves to another company and brings you in. A colleague sends a prospect your way. But you don’t have a proactive, intentional referral sales prospecting strategy with metrics, skills-building, and accountability for results. No one does.

How do I know this? Because for the past 23 years, everyone’s told me they don’t.  You’re not alone, and you’re not special. But you could be …

Get Ready to Get Referrals

It’s never too soon and it’s always too late to make asking for referrals your #1 prospecting priority to guarantee qualified leads that convert to clients more than 70 percent of the time.

That’s why I decided to do something I said I wouldn’t do again—host a Q4 Referral Selling Virtual Workshop. Participants in my summer course raved about the results they got:

  • From a salesperson:I was frustrated with spending 60% of my time cold calling. I now have a referral system. In just two months, I asked for and received six referrals!”
  • From a business owner: “I now ask everyone for referrals. It’s part of my process. I asked 15 people and received 10 introductions.”
  • From a financial advisor: “I identified three referral partners, and we’re looking for ways to refer each other.”
  • From a consultant: I was unaware of the power of referrals. I went from uncertainty to confidence with a quantifiable process. I’ve received three referral introductions.”

Many people missed out on my last workshop series, because it was summer. I got every excuse in the book: ”I’ll be with my kids all summer, my wife said I shouldn’t, we’re doing another course at our company right now, the timing isn’t right.” Well, here’s your second chance to get in on my referral selling virtual workshop before the year ends.

We begin Wednesday, November 6, at 8:30 a.m. Pacific and conclude Wednesday, December 18. You’ll have excuses for this time of year, too, of course. It’s Q4, it’s the holiday season, you’re crunched to close deals. Don’t let those excuses derail you from having your best sales year ever in 2020.

This referral selling virtual workshop is a public session with participants from different companies. I love the public sessions because when you get feedback from people not in your business, it’s real and unbiased. It’s not always what you want to hear, either, but the in-your-face feedback can be an opportunity to learn and grow.

Grab your place now. We’ll have no more than 18 participants. It’s affordable—even without the payment plan. Questions? Email, and we’ll schedule a call.

What is one new client worth to you?

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