The No More Cold Calling® Webinar Series

Currently, we do not currently have a scheduled referral-selling webinar series.


Please contact Joanne directly for more information or to arrange a session for your organization. 


Referrals Are Hot (Your Sales Can Be, Too!)

Welcome to the World of Referral Selling

No other sales or marketing strategy comes close to the results you get through referrals.

Join the Referral-Sales Movement

Registration is still open through the second session—all sessions are recorded—so you can register, catch up, and join the No More Cold Calling referral webinar series without missing a beat!

If your biggest sales challenges are:

  • Getting double-digit returns on your sales prospecting approaches
  • Getting past the gatekeeper to your decision-maker
  • Converting key prospects to paying clients
  • Hating prospecting and wanting more sales time with qualified prospects
  • Bucking a bad economy and tight purse strings


You want an easy method to increase your sales…


Referrals to the Rescue

What if you could greatly reduce or do away altogether with these frustrating, irritating, and annoying sales situations and instead only attract your ideal clients and convert them from prospects to paying clients more than 70 percent of the time—all without sounding salesy or pushy?

If this sounds to good to be true, it’s not.

Finally, there’s a time tested, proven, referral-sales system which enables you to blow past your sales forecasts and deliver sales you can bank on.

Here are 8 top results you can expect when you implement the No More Cold Calling Referral-Sales System:

  1. Get meetings with the people who have the power, every time
  2. Shorten your sales process by a minimum of 20% and spend 30% less time prospecting
  3. Regularly fill your pipeline with highly qualified leads who are ready and willing to talk to you
  4. Convert your best prospects to clients more than 70% of the time
  5. Identify at least 10 sources of referrals you can tap immediately and get appointments with at least 8 prospects on your target list
  6. Learn 5 easy steps to make referral selling a priority and the specific language to use to obtain the perfect referrals
  7. Create a template for an ROI conversation—that delivers a 10x return
  8. Discover how to steer clear of the 8 referral traps and 12 phrases that lead to lost business

Whether you’ve been selling for years and need to brush up on your skills, or you’re new to sales and want to quickly boost your bottom line, this deep dive into referral selling shows you exactly how to replace unproductive prospecting with real-time results.


Here’s What You Get In the No More Cold Calling Webinar Series

  • 5, one-hour, live webinars facilitated by international referral expert Joanne Black
  • Fast-paced and interactive discussions that give you a chance to ask your specific questions
  • Access to the session recordings so you can listen more than once or catch up on a missed session
  • Handouts and worksheets for each session
  • Weekly emails with assignments and reminders
  • Five monthly group mentoring calls—call in, get coached, stay on track
  • Email access with any referral questions—forever


Referral-Selling Curriculum

  • Session One: Your Referral-Prospecting Strategy
  • Session Two: The Power of Referral Qualification
  • Session Three: Asking For Referrals
  • Session Four: “Live” Practice Asking For Referrals
  • Session Five: Making Referrals Work
  • PLUS: 5 monthly group coaching calls and unlimited email access directly to Joanne forever


Download the Curriculum

Click here to download session-by-session details.


The No More Cold Calling Webinar Series

Currently, we do not currently have a scheduled referral-selling webinar series. Please contact Joanne directly for more information or to arrange a session for your organization.


No More Cold Calling Success Stories

Here’s what our referral-selling graduates have to say.

“I have already done 150% of last year’s totals and things continue to go well! I am having a blast loving on my clients and then loving on their referrals. Practically no marketing cost so far this year. Again, thanks to you.”
~ Brad Bertrand
Bertrand Retirement Strategies

“No More Cold Calling is a ‘referrals made easy’ approach that will NOT cause you to go outside your comfort zone. Joanne’s simple but detailed directions make the process SO simple. It truly does allow you to ‘take a call’ instead of ‘make a call’!”
~ Jeff Poore, Marketing Works

Business is up 40% in revenue from a year ago and more than 65% of the business was via referral. Thanks for helping make this possible.”
~ Brad Christiansen / Colliers International, Portland, Oregon


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