I challenged seasoned pro, Mario Martinez, Jr., on how he asks for referrals.

I never pass up the chance to chat about referrals. So, I was thrilled when Mario Martinez, Jr.—CEO of Vengreso and a top expert on social selling for lead generation—invited me to be on his “Selling with Social” podcast. (This was his 126th episode. I waited until he got it right to be his guest.)

Contrarian that I am, I didn’t make it easy for him. Here’s how Mario describes our conversation:

Joanne shares how you should ask for referrals and reveals the exact questions you should ask to qualify those referrals. In fact, if you listen, you’ll hear Joanne put ME on the hot seat, as I offer my own qualifying questions and receive Joanne’s critique. She sets me straight more than once!

What can I say? I’m passionate about lead generation.

Here’s what we discussed on the podcast, “How to Use Referral Selling to Drive Qualified Leads and Generate Sales:”

  • How to ensure only qualified leads in your pipeline
  • Why to challenge the elephant in the room and why no one’s talking about it
  • 3 steps to build a referral culture for your company
  • 4 misconceptions about referrals (Don’t just tell reps to “go get ‘em.”)
  • Your biggest missed referral opportunity and why you’re leaving money on the table
  • The perfect language to ask for and receive a referral introduction

Most importantly, unless you solve a problem, nothing matters—you, your solution, or your company. The problem that referrals solve is ensuring qualified lead generation.

Listen here and take notes. Mario Martinez, Jr., shares some gems.

What did you take away from the podcast? How do you use referrals for lead generation? Invite me to connect with you on LinkedIn and let me know your answer. You can learn more on my Referral Selling course on LinkedIn Learning.