global networkGerry Sindell, my mentor and colleague, shares three insightful social media tips.

  1. Create a picture of where you’re going—where you want to be over time. Every post becomes a piece of that mosaic. What do you want people to see and know about your world? How can your readers understand you? Each time you write, share a piece of your picture. If your writing is not a piece of your mosaic, then you’re wasting your time.
  2. Do serious work before you start on the social media road. It’ strategic work. Don’t figure it out as you go along. Your message will sound as wobbly as you are. How are you different from the competition? Develop your own unique language.
  3. Bring something new to the table several times a month. Share fresh ideas, new stories, insights—whether on Twitter, your blog, or on comments you post. There’s too much recycled information out there, and much that doesn’t create value. Make your mark.

Bottom line: Participating in social media is not an option. You must do it. Otherwise, you’re not in the game. If you’re not an active presence in new media, you will be ignored.

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