Social Media Selling Is All About the Social

Successful sales professionals understand that social media is now a must-have business tool. But very few understand how to incorporate social into their account based sales strategy. As a result, their unsolicited invitations go unanswered, their lead generation campaigns under deliver, and they wind up with long lists of unengaging posts and wasted sent messages.

The Answer Is Simple: Put the “Social” Back in Social Media

Today, the average B2B sales pro and account based sales rep relies on outdated tactics that fail to engage the 21st century buyer—cold calling, sending cold emails, and stalking prospects on social media. These practices alienate potential customers and eat up company time and resources in the process.

It’s time to stop hiding behind screens and start making connections! Remember, people do business with people, not with technology. The unsolicited LinkedIn invitation, the random Facebook post, and the salesy private message just won’t work in account based selling.


What will work? Using social media to actually be social, not to sell. Instead, make new connections and relationships in the virtual world that boost sales in the real world!

Learn How a Referral System Transforms Your Social Media Selling

Social media provides great opportunities to build trust and rapport, and to identify referrals sources—but not to generate sales leads.

Unless a connection comes from a referral, it’s not a qualified lead. Make no mistake: If you are trying to sell on social media, you’re cold calling, not social selling. And you’re now caught in the tangled web of diminishing returns.

Want to help your team learn how to use social media—and when it’s time to get offline and have grown-up conversations?

In this revealing discussion, Joanne breaks down her proven No More Cold Calling® Referral Selling Lead Generation System that transforms the way salespeople utilize social media. These insights will enable your team to connect with customers online to boost sales and fire up your real-world business! They’ll also learn how to leverage the power of their referral networks and hit their sales numbers without pestering strangers on social media.

In this talk, Joanne shares how to:

  • Properly understand Sales 3.0, social media selling, and whatever technology comes next
  • Discover the three truths about social media
  • Identify the links between social media and referrals
  • See through the myths about “qualified” leads
  • Better manage time on social media
  • Incorporate powerful social media techniques into your marketing strategy

Invite Joanne to speak to your sales team—whether they’re inside sales or field sales, new to sales or sales veterans, individual contributors or sales leaders. Social Media Selling Is All About the Social will revolutionize your process and challenge your understanding of prospecting. Regardless of your industry, this talk is for you.

There’s no time to lose. Learn these social media secrets before your competition does! Call Joanne at 415-461-8763 or email her at right now.



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