It doesn’t matter how much research you conduct or how much you know about the company—if you just get a name, you’re cold calling (and, for the record, there’s no such thing as a warm call).

Every time I read a blog or an article about cold calling, it sends me over the top.

Recently, a blogger shared 10 tips for making better cold calls. In the first sentence she describes cold calling as a game. Let’s be clear: sales is not a game. Sales is a profession, a serious profession that requires skill and confidence.

Cold calling is a waste of time for a number of reasons (which I’ll get into). Do the math: Cold calling doesn’t pencil out.

Truth: Cold Calling Is a Nuisance

The last tip in the list of cold call tips, “Don’t be a nuisance.” This one flies directly in the face of my sales philosophy, and I have to write about it.

“Know the history of your company’s attempts to reach a prospect before you ask for his or her time. It doesn’t make sense to contact prospects with the same scripted message if others from your company have already tried (and failed) to make a connection. Figure out a new approach, or move on to the next call.”

The writer tells us not to be a nuisance. Don’t contact prospects whom others in your company have tried to reach…with no avail.

Cold calling is a demeaning sales tactic, and it’s a total waste of every salesperson’s time. Cold calling is humiliating. It doesn’t matter how much research you conduct, how much you know about the company and the trigger events, if you just get a name, you’re a cold caller. You’re like every other bothersome salesperson out there. Yes, bothersome. You bother people, interrupt them, and can’t wait to give your pitch. You’re the reason sales gets a bad name. (Watch the video, “Why Salespeople Should Never Cold Call”)

Truth: Referrals Deliver More Business in Less Time

One of my clients told me she received a referral introduction to an important prospect and closed a significant deal. Her company cold-called this same prospect for months and never reached the decision maker. What a total waste of time, effort, and money. (Want a tip? Referrals get you past the gatekeeper.)

Referral selling trumps cold calling every day of the week. You’re a nuisance and you demean the reputation of all sales professionals. Cold calling is the bottom of the barrel.

Yes, sales is a profession. So start acting like a professional and stop cold calling

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