leadsYou can’t depend on your marketing department to generate real leads.

Do you really think marketing can qualify your leads? If so, you can forget about exceeding quota in 2014.

Consider this example from Dan McDade, president and CEO of PointClear: The marketing department for one unnamed company generated more than 9,000 “sales leads” in a year, but only 1.28 percent were actually qualified. When presented with these findings, marketing said sourcing leads was so important that they would keep sending them to sales without qualifying them first. You can probably guess what the vice president of sales told his team: Just ignore all leads from marketing, because they suck.

In his article, “Point C: From Chaos to Kickass,” Dan writes:

In average companies, sales reps close about one out of five leads they qualify. Note that, on average, sales reps only qualify about one third of the leads they are provided—so close rates measured against delivered leads are often less than 10 percent in average companies.

Enhancing lead generation is a top priority for any sales organization. But investing in more lead-sourcing technology is not the answer, nor is inbound marketing or social media. The only way to keep your pipeline full of HOT, qualified leads is to prospect through referrals.

To learn all about the role of technology and referrals in sales, get your copy of my new book: Pick Up the Damn Phone!: How People, Not Technology, Seal the Deal. It’s been nominated as the “2013 Top Sales and Marketing Book” by Top Sales World. (I’d appreciate your vote to bring this important message to all salespeople. Visit the awards page to vote once every 24 hours.)

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As executive chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt is often invited to deliver commencement speeches at college graduations. What’s the one surprising piece of advice this tech guru always shares? Turn off the technology for at least an hour a day. I challenge my readers to do the same thing. After all, there is nothing more important for salespeople than relationships, and if you can’t prioritize people over technology for one hour a day, you’re in the wrong field. (Read “One Hour Without Technology.”)

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Look at Me When You’re Talking to Me

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Pick Up the Damn Phone and Seal the Deal

You’ve heard it: Television will kill radio. Video killed the radio star. And social media and the Internet will eliminate the time-consuming, face-to-face aspect of sales. Um, no. Even in Sales 2.0, the most powerful tool in your sales toolbox is still you!

My new book, Pick Up the Damn Phone!: How People, Not Technology Seal the Deal, explores how salespeople can tap into the invaluable sales intelligence that new technologies provide and still prioritize what really matters in business—relationships.

Pick Up the Damn Phone! is now available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble. Or get the digital version for your Kindle or Nook.

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