Turn Cold to Gold Webinar

The group proved it: Referrals are the #1 methodology to drive sales. Yet, practically no one has a disciplined, systematic, referral program with strategy, skills, metrics, and accountability for results.

Watch the replay of the Turn Cold to Gold Webinar. Pay particular attention to the polls and see if you agree.  Starting with this one:


Learn what it takes to become a referral-selling master: Make every lead a hot one and discover the critical information that will change your sales life forever…

1. Why referrals are gold—and yet almost no one is investing in their nurturing and development

2. Why cold calling is the bottom of the barrel—and how to tell when you are conducting a cold call, even when you think you aren’t

3. How to increase your conversion rate to more than 70%

4. The 5 steps to run your referral business—and the biggest reason you’re not getting the referral business you think you’re entitled to…

5. The 3 referral traps to avoid—why “forgetting to ask” is no longer an option

Imagine if your biggest problem was following up on loads of referral leads!

(The offer at the conclusion has expired.)