Unclog Your Sales Funnel: Lead Generation That Works for Account Based Selling

Attracting the wrong kind of clients to your business is like dumping trash into your sales funnel. They drain your time, energy, and resources. Top account based sales reps understand that lead generation shouldn’t be about quantity—it should be about quality!

If your team relies on marketing-generated leads, cold calling lists, and cold social media messages to fill their sales funnels, you can be sure those funnels are full of trash.


Wish there was a better way to prospect? An account based sales development strategy that filled your pipeline with nothing but qualified leads to your ideal clients? There is.

Is Your Lead Generation Strategy Misdirected?

There’s so much wrong with the traditional approach to lead generation, and it’s gotten worse in the digital world. B2B sales and marketing is all about velocity—the faster we move sales leads through the funnel, the more costs decrease and productivity increases.

But why focus on funnel efficiency if you’re mostly funneling unqualified leads? Who cares how quickly prospects move through the sales cycle if they never intend to buy in the first place?

The time has come to regroup, learn, debrief, and change the way account based sales teams approach lead generation. It’s time they reconsidered their sales strategy and reclaimed responsibility for generating their own qualified sales leads.

What about the names that come from digital lead generation? Let marketing vet those initial inquiries. Sales shouldn’t be swinging at every ball. They should be focused on hot, qualified leads—the kind you get with referrals.

Find Out How to Clear the Clutter and Land the Sale

Account based sales development requires a strong, focused prospecting process. If you want to ensure that your team only works with qualified leads, this talk is for you!

The only qualified leads are the ones that account based sales reps qualify themselves. How? By tapping into the networks of people they know best—clients, colleagues, and peers—to score referral introductions.

Learn how to filter out the “trash” prospects and “PITA” (pain in the a**) clients with Joanne’s proven No More Cold Calling® Referral Selling Lead Generation System. Her insights will enable your team to boost sales and fire up your business!

In this talk, Joanne discusses:

  • Why the shape of your sales funnel matters
  • Why digital leads aren’t qualified
  • How to get the right prospects in your funnel
  • Why you should fire the PITAs
  • How to score at least four meetings with qualified prospects in 30 days

Ready to help your team fill their funnels with only the hottest prospects, without resorting to cold calling or gimmicks?

Invite Joanne to speak to your sales team—whether they’re new to sales or sales veterans, individual contributors or sales leaders. Unclog Your Sales Funnel: Lead Generation That Works for Account Based Selling will revolutionize your process and challenge your understanding of lead generation.

There’s no time to lose. Learn these secrets before your competition does! Call Joanne at 415-461-8763 or email her at joanne@nomorecoldcalling.com right now.



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