leadersThe average tenure of a sales manager is just 18 months. Yet, our sales teams need strong leaders more than ever.

Would you rather have a job with a reliable salary like everyone else, or one where you must perform well to get paid well? You’re a salesperson. You thrive on challenges and risk-taking. You are driven and independent. Sales is not a job for the faint of heart.

Sales management is not a job for the faint of heart either. Sales leaders must harness the energy of their team members—who have unique personalities and don’t like to be micro-managed. And they must worry about not just their own numbers, but those of everyone they lead.

New research shows that the average tenure of a sales manager is just 18 months. Yet, our sales teams need strong, reliable leaders capable of helping them blow past their quotas.

That’s why I’m dedicating my first blog post each month to sales management—with insights and strategies to help leaders and their teams succeed in our exciting, rewarding profession.

Check out the latest from No More Cold Calling, including our first “Message to Management”:

Message to Management: Make Referrals Your Priority

Whether you are CEO, vice president, or a sales manager, you have a central role in your company’s sales process and in the decision to transition to referral selling—the only business-development strategy proven to convert prospects into clients more than 50 percent of the time. And it’s up to you to lead the charge. (Read “Message to Management: Make Referrals Your Priority.”)

Showing Up is Standing Out

Showing up counts! You show up on the Web, on the phone, and through video conferencing. But while technology tools can certainly drive business development, nothing beats sitting down with someone and talking face to face. (Read “Showing Up is Standing Out.”)

Sales is Tough: 5 Ways to Ensure Your Success

Our job is a rewarding one, but it’s not easy. In this month’s guest blog, Acquirent COO Jeff Purtell shares his own sales success strategies. (Read “Sales is Tough: 5 Ways to Ensure Your Success.”)

Did You Know?

A growing business means growing expectations. Smart people invest in your ideas because they believe what you offer is a knock-your-socks-off, unique, scalable solution.

You need more great clients and more sales, which means your sales process and sales strategy need work immediately. But like many companies, if your experience is in conceptualizing and marketing a great idea, product, or service, rather than selling it, check out our Interim Sales Advisor Program.