32 top sales and marketing experts from five countries share their top tips.

My colleague in New Zealand, Graham McGregor, has recently released an amazing 396-page eBook loaded with useful marketing tips, techniques, and strategies.

The Unfair Business Advantage Report includes interviews with 32 top sales and marketing experts (including yours truly) from 5 countries. Graham has made this eBook available to the No More Cold Calling community free of charge. 

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Gain Your “Unfair Business Advantage”

The report is a treasure trove of helpful sales and marketing strategies. I invite you to grab your complimentary copy at www.theunfairbusinessadvantage.com.

These sales and marketing pros share their favorite strategy or tactic and show you how to apply it quickly in your own business.

Sneak Peek

  • Legendary marketing strategist Al Ries shares the one thing he advises all his business clients to do if they want to be amazingly successful.
  • Business expert Michael Port explains how to get ‘booked solid’ with new clients by using a simple strategy that takes only 10 minutes a day and costs no money.
  • Marketing consultant and best selling author Jeffrey J. Fox  shows you how to “dollarize” the real value of all your products and services: easily outsell low-priced competitors and still bank super-healthy profits.
  • Copywriting expert Bob Bly shares a great strategy to charge higher prices and attract better clients who are eager to buy from you.
  • Fred Catona, the pioneer of direct response radio, shares the exact formula he used to take one client from a standing start to more than a billion dollars in sales in less than 18 months. (Use this same formula to add an extra six figures or more in profits to your bottom line in a surprisingly short time.)
  • Dave Garofalo shares the “outrageous” thing he has done for the last 17 years to become the highest-volume retailer of premium cigars in the United States. 
  • Marketing expert Bob Serling explains his super-simple system to instantly create brand-new sales and profits for 95% of his clients.
  • Dr. Ivan Misner founded BNI, the largest business networking organization in the world. Ivan explains how to use the VCP Process of Networking ® and why it is so effective in creating new sales and clients. 

Plus a goldmine of proven profit-making and sales-boosting strategies from many other top sales and marketing experts.

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