(and you probably don’t even know it)

Tom Searcy, of Hunt Big Sales caught my attention with his 3 sales myths’ post on CBS MoneyWatch. First, I loved the title. Second, I agree with his points of view. Third, I realized that I was subscribing to one of the myths, and I stopped immediately.

Tom brings home the message that it’s not about the number of prospects we have, but about the quality, that most of us leave so-called prospects in our pipeline way too long (we “hope” that nurturing will lead to a sale…), and that many clients are just not worth having (read, “Dump the Junk: It’s Time to Clean House”).

Without further ado, here’s Tom’s article:

 “You don’t have to sell everyone and you don’t have to serve everyone. The idea that companies should chase every piece of business out there and that if they don’t they’re leaving money on the table is antiquated. The negative impact of chasing the wrong prospects and serving the wrong customers is HUGE. To change your approach you may have to remove the myths that you may believe. Here are three:

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What’s Bogging You Down?

Which myth is bogging down your sales effectiveness? Scrutinize your sales activities carefully. It’s never too late to delete an unproductive behavior. Comment here.

You can check out more of Tom Searcy’s work at www.huntbigsales.com. Tom is an author, speaker, consultant and foremost expert in large account sales.