I read this contrarian perspective on social media and how it links to business development and sales. In Social Media Examiner, “7 Social Media Truths You Can Ignore and Still Be Successful”, Rich Brooks encourages us to challenge so-called “rules.”  How did sales “guidelines” become sales “rules?” Here is an excerpt:

Claim 1: Social Media Has Changed Everything

Balderdash. Yes, we’ve got shiny new tools, and consumers can give more public, vocal feedback on your products and services. However, leads still need to be generated, sales need to be closed and invoices need to be sent; no business survives otherwise.

Furthermore, networking didn’t start with LinkedIn. Before there was social networking there was real-world networking. And you know what? It came with drinks and hors d’oeuvres, so it wasn’t all that bad.”  Read more

It’s the sales mantra and referral drum I’ve been pounding for years. Sales are built on relationships. Our role as salespeople is to build relationships. Bottom line: People do business with people, not with technology. For more on building your business through relationships, read “How to Attract Sales Prospects in a Tech-Focused World.”

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