The blitz of messages and email marketing about “successful” cold calling sales tactics continues to drive me up the wall and around the bend.

The Great Cold Calling Approach

I recently received an email that provided tips on a great cold calling phone approach: write your script word-for-word, memorize it, practice, and master answers to common sales objections. Oh, and be upbeat and enthusiastic when we ask for the appointment.

Seriously? Empty promises for a no-win sales strategy. And, just plain stupid and a waste of your sales time.

Referrals: The Sales Approach that Works

Consider a sales strategy that works: Referrals. Think about it. When you receive a referral there’s no script, no interrupting people, no overcoming objections. The person knows you and expects your call. Plus you are pre-sold, you earn trust and credibility, shorten your sales process, gain a sales partner, and convert a sales prospect to a client more than 50 percent of the time.

Why would you waste your time?