one of a kindWhen was the last time you worked on defining your business? Was it at a No More Cold Calling webinar or workshop? Look inward at your business. Take time to analyze your differentiation.

  1. The defining selling characteristic: What is your business? How do you describe your capabilities that relate to the shift in today’s market?
  2. Start with specifics: Businesses focus more and more on specific needs rather than wide-net consulting. Define your niche or specific offering.
  3. The 10-second commercial: When you talk about your business, your statement must be succinct, compelling, and have a hook. Create a few different introductions for upcoming events.
  4. Examine the market: Recent stock market declines have wide-reaching impact. Baby boomers opt to delay retirement, or buy new homes, several industries are under government scrutiny and supported by bail-outs. What’s the impact on your business?
  5. Identify emerging trends: The early bird gets the worm, right? Create an added benefit for your clients by being one of the first on the scene. Know their business and communicate your expertise.

Business plans change with the demands of our client needs. Continue to redefine your business, fine-tune your strategy, and offer relevant services. You will achieve sales success.