Robert Sax,, publicized my book, No More Cold Calling™: The Breakthrough System That Will Leave Your Competition in the Dust. He wrote this great post that I’m sharing with you on why stories matter.

“Social media, the hottest trend in marketing, can be a mixed blessing. On the plus side, you can go directly to your target audience, bypassing any filtering of your story by an editor or reporter. On the minus side, if you don’t know how to tell your story effectively (something the media knows how to do) it won’t stick with the people you want to reach. With social media, a strong story is more important then ever.

A good social media story engages people and motivates them to share it with others. It may be an existing story, as with Ford Motor Company’s Mustang fan page on Facebook. There Ford offers news, photos and videos of the car in a “virtual parking lot” where Mustang lovers can gather to share their love for all things Mustang.

Another powerful strategy is Jewish rap star Matisyahu’s use of Twitter. He invites fans to his rehearsals and video shoots and shares information from the road that draws followers to his concerts and promotes his recordings. Note that neither of these stories is a hard sell; a social media strategy must be subtle or the audience will tune it out.

It’s worth the effort to craft your social media story before going online. Keep it consistent with the story you are telling in other media. You will get the maximum return from your marketing program and ensure that your story has a happy ending.”

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