cold calling?It’s not a sales secret: when you receive a referral, you’ll always connect.

This blog headline, “How to Get Your Prospects to Call You Back,” nearly sent me screaming out of my office. Why even ask this question?

Getting prospects to call you back is deceptively simple. Receive a referral introduction from a trusted colleague of your sales prospect, and you will always receive a call back.

Referrals are Straightforward, Simple, and Smart

Actually, it’s even simpler than that. Here’s how a referral introduction works:

  • You ask a colleague or a client (Your Referral Source) to introduce you to your sales prospect
  • Your Referral Source talks to your sales prospect and gets agreement to meet with you
  • Your Referral Source introduces the two of you by email
  • You thank your Referral Source and schedule a time to meet with your sales prospect
  • You call your sales prospect, and he answers the phone because he actually expects your call

What Are You Waiting For?

Yes, it’s really that simple…but it’s not easy. However, when you implement a disciplined referral selling system, build your referral skills, establish referral metrics, accountability, and rewards, you’ll secure immediate results.

With referrals you’ll get the meeting at the level that counts and convert well more than 50 percent of your sales prospects to great clients!

You’ll never have to ask the question: How will I get my prospects to call me back?

Comment – Knock, Knock: Referrals Are at Your Door

When you engage a referral system, referrals work. Your Ideal Clients are happy to refer you to other Ideal Clients who accept your calls and call you back. Open the door to your sales success. What’s holding you back?

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