Location vs. True Value

My cousin is a successful real estate developer. He wrote a book about his life, the lessons learned throughout his career, and the fallacy of “Location, location, location.” The book is his legacy for his friends, associates, and family.

I read the chapter on valuing our time and effort and thought, “Wow!” Sometimes we forget the real value we bring to our sales process and to our clients. Your real value is not how long it takes you to complete a task, but the time and effort it took you to acquire the requisite skills. Perhaps, it’s your education, similar client work, or just plain life experience.

The Experience Rate

Whenever a client asks how I establish my fees, I no longer quote a daily rate or an hourly rate. I quote an “experience rate.” I’m clear and confident that I’m the referral-selling expert. I built the referral-selling methodology missing from every company’s sales process. If every salesperson converted more than 50 percent of their sales prospects to paying clients, think how that would impact a company’s revenue.

I make referrals happen—every single day. How do you put a price on that? Clearly, what counts in sales is getting paid for your value. It’s not about location, it’s about the true value.