It turns out that a dose of the happy stuff—paired with smart thinking and a reality check—really does make a positive difference.

If you want to be depressed, read the newspaper, check out your online news feed, or turn on the TV. It’s not pretty. There’s rarely any good news to report. So how do we keep from getting depressed?

One option is not to read the newspaper, watch the news, or listen to the radio. (Yes, the radio’s still here—after threats that TV and the Internet would create yet another relic in the communication channel. Think walkie-talkies and Morse code.)

In an article in CNN Opinion, Frida Ghitis writes that the right kind of optimism “acknowledges that you don’t always win, that when things don’t turn out well, you try a different approach and then another until you find a solution, until you reach a new continent, until you write the right constitution, until you invent the right machine.”

Optimism Is Good For Your Health

She says that optimism is good for our health, and scientists support her claim. Want to supercharge your day? Put a smile on your face and read the rest of the article.

According to Ghitis, optimism “must always travel in the company of action, common sense, resourcefulness and considered risk-taking.”

Chin Up, Shout Out

What are you doing to weave positivity into your business? (Hint: referrals leverage your existing network—clients and people you already know, who already like you, and are happy to refer you. Sure makes sales an optimistic venture, if you ask me.)