“I’m not working today.” That’s the email message I received from a client in response to information I sent at his request.  How are you not working if you’re checking email? It’s the blessing and the curse of those of us in sales.

As entrepreneurs, we have the flexibility to state our own hours, take vacations when we choose, get our haircut on a weekday, and walk the dog at 11 a.m. (Of course we don’t tell anyone the truth.) That flexibility, in turn, enables us to work nights and weekends, and log 80-hour workweeks.

How different is this from selling for large companies? The large-sales force guys have huge quotas to meet, and those sales people on a calendar fiscal year are working like mad during the holidays to get as many sales closed as possible before year-end. My clients are out of the office on vacation with their families, but they’re still checking email and doing everything they can to accelerate the business-development process.

Stop. We all need a break. Please tell the truth when you say “I’m not working today.”